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Dismal Swamp Bear Dogs

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This is Zoey our first American Bull dog.   She is the begining of a very good blood line. She was born on September 25, 2002.  She has an excellent pedigree that includes Johnsons and Mountain Gators Red.  She has some of the best quality pull dogs and show dogs in her pedigree. She weighs a solid 100lbs.  Her favorite passtime is eating trees. Her best personality trait is that she adores children, very protective and affectionate.  Our Girl Zoey is a dream for our family for our kennel. 


This little lady to the right is Bandit. She was born on July 5th , 2004. Right now at 6 year old she weighs about 94 lbs. Zoey is her mother and her father is Rhett Razor's Redman. Her favorite passtime is digging up mom's rosegarden and destroying indestructable dog toys and soccer balls.  She never stays in trouble long though, because she has such a good disposition and is so cute.  Her best asset is that she is a very smart dog and trains very quickly, extremely loyal and protective of the family and property. 


This BEAST above is CHARLIE. Charlie is a product of North Star Bull Dogs who have an excellent line of American Bulldogs. Charlie examplifies the standards of the American Bulldogs. We specifically added him to our line to inject high engergy levels while maintianing a muscular stream line physique to our future litters.


This is Bandit's daughter "Dakota". She's a bear all right, a teddy bear. She is as diezel as they come with a very broad chest and very thick muscularly. She is a very happy dog and loves just about everyone and everything. Smart like her mother Bandit also.