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Dismal Swamp Bear Dogs

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Raising American Bulldogs is our passion and it shows in the quailty of American Bulldogs we have produced. The quality of our dogs in regards to size, intelligence and temperment continues to improve as we are selective in our breeding process. We are  determined to maintain the size, tempermeant and quality of the Bully type American Bulldogs. We don't breed our females out until they are 2 years old. Each femaile has a litter about every two years in order to produce high quality puppies that will be a welcome addition to your family.  
Our dogs come with a health guarantee.





  • We specialize in breeding Large Bully type American BullDogs.
  • You will find our dogs to be heavily muscled, big boned and active.
  • Our American Bulldogs are loyal and protective family companions that are well suited for competitions, show or  gaurdians of home and property.
  • Our American Bulldogs are not only breed for exceptional size but also a temperment that makes them excellent Family dogs for homes with children.  


 American Bulldogs were originally bread to catch cattle and hunt Bear,Boar, and other predators . In some areas of the country they are still used for their original purposes. In modern times many are finding the American Bulldogs to be fierce protectors, loyal companions and excellent guardians of homes and property, but most of all they are excellent pets and additions to the family.


Our Dogs are family dogs as you can see and are naturally protective of the home & family

We are striving to preserve the standards of the Bully Type American Bulldog while maintaining the agreeable but confident disposition that our dogs display.

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